Candle Refill Service

Wright & Green are now offering a unique 'Candle Refill Service'

You can replenish your chosen jar (either a previously used candle jar, or suitable vessel that suits your home decor).

Price Range - 80g at £8.00 to 1,000g at £47.00

◾Simply send your empty container to Wright & Green
◾When ordering online you have the option to upload an image of the empty Container.
◾We will empty, clean and refill it with a natural mineral wax, and a fragrance of your choice.
◾We add new safety labels, a string and wax seal, and have it ready for collection or post within 5 working days
◾Wright & Green also use innovative wooden wicks, which create a soft crackling sound when burning. These wicks are organic and eco friendly. Normal wicks are available on request.

To determine how many grams, fill you vessel with water and then pour into a measuring Jug.  100 ml = 100g for our pricing purposes.

We focus on good quality wax and generous portions of scent to produce candles that burn well and deliver a strong scent throw.